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Schools Supporting Students to Choose Suitable Careers

By April 13th, 2022No Comments

Today’s students will have many careers in their lifetime. Therefore, they will need to constantly develop their career skills. Career development is a necessary and ongoing learning area for young people as they navigate the world of work. The demands of globalisation, rapid growth of technology and flexible work arrangements will require young people to be adaptable, possess transferrable work skills and be lifelong learners.

Schools assist students in recognising strengths and weaknesses in their vocational skills as well as researching options for their future careers. They achieve this through: tailored career programs; guest speakers from a variety of private businesses and government and tertiary institutions; preparation for work experience; resumé writing; cover letters and mock interviews. Students also attend university experience days and career expos and forums. This is supplemented by schools ensuring students have access to relevant career and tertiary resources.

Schools support students from Year 10 in developing Senior Education and Training (SET) plans. They also individually interview students with their parents to ensure they have chosen subjects relating to their career pathway. Queensland students can complete a SET using the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre’s (QTAC’s) My Path. My Path allows students to explore career pathways, ATAR eligibility and ensure they study any prerequisite subjects required for tertiary education. Alternatively, or in conjunction with an ATAR pathway, students can choose a Vocational Education & Training (VET) pathway which may lead them to a trade, traineeship or apprenticeship with qualifications they completed at school.

You can read more about the new QCE (Queensland Certificate or Education) system here.

Renee Campbell is the Careers Coordinator at St Andrew’s Catholic College, Redlynch