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Make a Move! 10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Move More

By April 13th, 2022No Comments
Ways to get your kids to move more.


1. Start a new afternoon routine of walking the dog as a family or walking to a local park.

Everyone will benefit from the fresh air, exercise and family time, which can also double as a great time to talk about their day without them feeling ambushed at the dinner table.


2. Does your child love sport?

Set up a time every afternoon to go outside with your kids and kick the ball, bounce on the trampoline, shoot some hoops or throw a frisbee. Encourage older kids to sign up to sporting teams after school.


3. Kids generally love getting outdoors and getting messy, so involve them in the gardening.

Collect veggies for dinner, water the pot plants, tidy up the garden beds, plant herbs or tend to worm farms.


4. Water play is fun way to move and cool down in our tropical climate.

Jump in the pool, turn on the sprinklers (check your local council’s website for up-to-date water restrictions), splash under the hose or chase each other with water pistols.


5. Understanding your child’s temperament and interests will help determine what kind of physical activity they would be comfortable doing.

If your child loves TV or computer games, you could incorporate technology into their activity by purchasing interactive video games or YouTube videos that require them to move.


6. Children learn by watching and taking in the environment around them. So take the lead!

If you enjoy working out, try doing it at home and getting the kids involved. They’ll love mimicking you or adding extra weight to your workout. Older kids may want to train with you or you can encourage them to get active with their friends at the gym or outdoors.


7. Remind yourself and the kids to move more by setting a timer for every hour.

No matter what the activity, when the timer goes off, get up, jump up and down, run around the backyard or do a little dance.


8. Get them moving inside the house.

When the weather isn’t great for outdoor play, get them moving inside the house with a game of charades, a pillow obstacle course or hide and seek.


9. It can feel liberating to dance like no one is watching, so turn on the tunes and have a dance party at home to burn off some energy.

High school kids may be less inclined to join in, but younger kids will love being silly with their parents!


10. Pick up a skipping rope and get the family skipping.

Have skipping competitions to see who can last the longest. Or get a long rope, tie one end to a chair while you swing the other side and let the kids practise jumping in and out.

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Stephanie Meekings is a Digital Media Officer at Cairns Catholic Education