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Supporting Diverse Learners in an Inclusive Education Setting

By April 13th, 2022No Comments

Catholic Education has 29 schools from Tully to the Torres Strait who are committed to fostering cultures of inclusion. They respond to the educational needs of students regardless of their abilities, backgrounds and aspirations.

The school communities are places where the uniqueness and individuality of students and families is recognised and welcomed. This commitment to inclusive practices is supportive of both Church teaching and legislative requirements.

Research demonstrates that where there is consultation between schools and families to foster an educational partnership. Then, this contributes to the ongoing success for the student in their school environment. Diverse learner teams in schools are formed that coordinate a whole school approach to supporting all student learning. These teams support the planning and implementation of effective teaching and learning for all students.

For some students, there may be a need to provide adjustments to the delivery mode of the curriculum. This is in order to ensure access and participation across the curriculum.

Ongoing consultation with staff, student, family and relevant specialists will contribute to ensuring a positive and inclusive learning experience designed to support students reaching their goals.

Examples of areas where diverse learner teams will support families and students are: students with disability, high potential learners, students from other cultures and/or faith traditions, and students learning English as an additional language or dialect. Find out how the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) could support your family if you are eligible.

In partnership with families, school staff develop personalised learning plans where required, that support the students learning and their access and participation in the curriculum. Through these processes the school seeks the wellbeing of all, so that the student and their family feel welcomed, accepted and supported.

If you’d like to know how Catholic Education can help please get in contact here.

Jennifer Rockley is the Senior Manager – Diversity at Cairns Catholic Education