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When To See a Speech Pathologist

By April 13th, 2022No Comments
Raise the Child - When to see a Speech Pathologist

If you, your child’s doctor or teacher believe your child may have language delay, it’s important to have your child checked by a speech language pathologist.


You should seek help if:

  • You and/or other people are having trouble understanding your child.
  • Your child has fewer words than peers or seems developmentally delayed.
  • Your child has a stutter

The Communication Milestone Kit is a useful tool to assess communication milestones for children aged 12 months to five years.

Download the Communication Milestone Kit at

What is a speech language pathologist?

A speech language pathologist will diagnose and treat communication problems such as issues with speaking, understanding language, stuttering, literacy and listening and auditory processing. They will assess your child‘s speech and oral-motor function and what your child understands.

How can schools support families?

Some schools have access to speech language pathologists who work with the educational team to support students with spoken communication difficulties. Parents can access private speech/language pathologists for regular therapy for their child. You can read more about how schools support a diverse range of learners here.

How can parents help at home?

  • Talk to your child at every opportunity.
  • Sing rhymes and songs together.
  • When reading encourage your child to follow the words, find relevant pictures or numbers, or read to you.

Lorraine Carroll is the Manager – Therapy & Disability and a Speech Language Pathologist at Cairns Catholic Education