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Helping Your Child With Work Experience

By April 13th, 2022No Comments

Many of us will vividly remember our first “work experience” — whether the experience was terrific or not. It is certainly an eye opener into the world of work and one that usually leaves an long-lasting memory. It is a daunting, yet exciting, time for young people as they explore a chosen field to explore their future possibilities.


Work experience is well considered by employers and allows young people the opportunity to develop employability skills including time-management, problem-solving and communication. As well as gaining experience and developing workplace skills, it will generally increase their self-confidence. Another benefit is that it can lead to a paid job for students.

It can be tough for a young person to get a placement in some fields i.e. psychology, science, aviation, medicine, police force…but sometimes it is “who you know” that determines whether your child can get into a more specialised area. Parents can help their child to find a placement of interest by using contacts or helping to raise their confidence to “cold call” a prospective employer. Cold calling is successful for both finding work experience placements and paid employment.

Most schools offer a Work Experience Program that runs for a week, usually Year 10 or 11. Many schools also offer work experience to students at other times i.e. after school, weekends and holidays. Schools tend to process their own paper- work and checks for these ad hoc placements – check with your school. It’s a time of great excitement and nerves for your child. To make it a wonderful experience for all, be as supportive as you can.

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Rebecca Ambrose is the Careers Counsellor at St Mary’s Catholic College, Woree