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Is a Part-Time Job Good for Children?

By April 13th, 2022No Comments

There are many benefits to a young person getting a part-time job whilst at school including the opportunity to develop employability skills, learning about themselves and earning money.


A part-time job can:

  • allow teens to get hands-on experience in dealing with people, learning about employment and responsibilities/commitments required in a job, developing interpersonal skills and gaining knowledge and work skills that can be used in a resume or scholarship application
  • provide opportunities for young people to extend their personal network and create space from study to allow them to switch off for a short while
  • enable teens to be earning and developing an appreciation for the value of money. Shopping with their hard-earned money is very different from spending mum or dad’s
  • allow teens to learn to balance work and social life as well as meet study requirements of school; this can help young people develop responsibility and maturity
  • help develop skills for the 21st century including collaboration and teamwork; creativity and imagination; critical thinking and problem solving; and flexibility and adaptability

Before your teen gets a job, it’s important to consider how much impact it will have on the family (i.e. time and energy required). Also important is the capacity of the young person to handle school and work successfully. Your child needs to agree that school comes first. If having a job is not working out, the decision can be reconsidered. Working part-time needs to make sense for the individual and family.

Rebecca Ambrose is the Careers Counsellor at St Mary’s Catholic College, Woree