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Free Resources to Learn About Technology

By April 13th, 2022No Comments

When COVID-19 forced us to learn and work in different ways, we had to take advantage of what digital technology offers us.

We all use various digital tools daily. All of us were forced to level up, learn new skills, new language and develop some patience. The learning curve everyone was on equipped us but also revealed to us what we needed to learn.

Thanks to the State Library Queensland, free access to hundreds of software and digital skill courses from are available. Queensland residents can sign up for a free SLQ account, then take any number of courses which can be submitted directly to your LinkedIn resume. also provides access to free courses from Microsoft, Google and universities such as Stanford. Covering skills in Zoom, Excel, PowerPoint, iOS app development, 3D Printing and Drones – many courses include free certificates for resumes.

Then there is YouTube. A great “go-to” for answers to those “how do I” questions. It’s amazing how many people have contributed specific skills and guides for the benefit of others. Use the advanced search to get the most recent contributions.

It can be so hard to keep up with changes in digital technologies. However, finding a few sites which can equip us and our kids with what we need to know when we need it, can be a great start.

To stay protected, you can read about cyber safety here.

Campbell Smythe is the Management Officer Collaboration Systems at Cairns Catholic Education