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Building Leadership Skills in Children

By April 12th, 2022No Comments

Today’s kids will be tomorrow’s leaders. How can we help build leadership skills in our kids if they don’t have a natural disposition for those qualities?


From a young age, you can encourage your kids to consider the options and consequences and own their decisions rather than managing their lives for them. It could be smaller options such as choosing clothes or activities or larger options such as how to manage their finances or what part-time job to pursue. Part of this process may also involve some negotiation skills. Allowing kids to be a part of or take ownership of the decision-making process will strengthen this important life skill.


A growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset, can help kids rise to the challenge, learn from mistakes and adapt to change. You can help develop this mindset by exploring different ways your child can overcome a problem, asking them what they learnt from situations and reassuring them that they may not be able to do something right now because they just haven’t learnt to do it yet.


Many great leaders have learnt from mentors, coaches and tutors. Nurture your child’s talents or even areas they may need assistance with and witness their confidence grow. Alternatively, your child could become a mentor, coach or tutor for younger students or siblings. This will help with building their confidence, communication, management and leadership skills. Small efforts such as these may just help create a future leader!

Stephanie Meekings is a Digital Media Officer at Cairns Catholic Education