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Essential Items to Have in Your First Aid Kit

By March 29th, 2022No Comments

So, you are looking to buy or revive your first aid kit for home or the car? The question is, what should you get and why? Remember, the kit is to provide basic first aid only. For more serious or life-threatening situations, you should always contact 000.

For the general home kit, you may want to include items such as:

  • Adhesive strips (assorted sizes) for minor wound dressing
  • Non-allergenic adhesive tape for securing dressings and strapping
  • Eye pads for emergency eye cover • Wound/combine dressings to control bleeding and for covering wounds
  • Non-adhesive dressings for wound dressing
  • Hospital crepe or conforming bandage to hold dressings in place
  • Triangular bandages for slings or bandaging
  • Safety pins to secure bandages to slings
  • Scissors for cutting dressings or clothing
  • Gauze squares for cleaning wounds
  • Forceps/tweezers for removing foreign bodies
  • Disposable latex or vinyl gloves for infection control
  • Antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds and skin
  • Sterile saline solution or sterile water for emergency eye wash or for cleaning wounds
  • Emergency medication if required (may include EpiPen’s, Asthma inhaler etc.)

While this is not an exhaustive list, it should cover most minor mishaps that may happen around the home. Keeping a kit like this in a dedicated first aid bag will also be useful, as the various pouches and compartments make it easier to find items and the bag can be taken in the car with you. This being said, if you sustain an injury from a traffic or road incident, then you should always seek medical advice.

David Kemp is the Work Health and Safety Manager at Cairns Catholic Education