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12,000 Sandwiches for Homeless

By March 24th, 2022No Comments

Cairns Catholic Education donates more than 12,000 sandwiches to local charity Rosies – Friends on the Street.

It is Thursday afternoon and the Cairns Catholic Education’s lunchroom is a hive of activity as a dedicated army of volunteers roll up their sleeves for a worthy cause.

Coordinating the team of worker bees is Andrew McKenzie, Manager Governance and Engagement and committed ambassador of Rosies – Friends on the Street, a local charity offering community and connection to those who are homeless or socially isolated.

The assembly line works quickly, as they fall into their familiar fortnightly routine: buttering, assembling, wrapping, labelling, and precisely packing each sandwich.

Introducing the initiative seven years ago, Andrew could not have imagined the volume of sandwiches the team has been able to donate to those in need.

A dedicated army of volunteers roll up their sleeves for a worthy cause.

“My theory is that people are always happy to help if they can, it’s about organising the activity with an element of fun so that everyone has a job to do. And then to see that their efforts have made a positive outcome,” he said.

“We’ve got volunteers who do the shopping, others make the sandwiches and still others wrap and pack. We even get staff members who travel for work to collect their hotel toiletries, which we use in hygiene packs – every little effort helps.

“And that little bit of effort can make a big difference in the lives of the homeless and destitute on the streets of Cairns,” Andrew said.

Rosies relies on donations from the community in order to continue their mission and support those in need. To find out more or make a donation, go to Rosies – Friends on the Street.